Chamomile Tea Benefits

Probably everyone has heard about Chamomile tea. It is well known for being beneficial to drink before bed as it will help promote better sleep at night. However, there are many other uses for the different types of chamomile teas as well, some of which may be less well known than others.

About Chamomile
First of all though, here are some facts about the Chamomile flower that is mainly used for brewing this fine cup of tea.
There are two main types of Chamomile grown to use as herbal aids; German Chamomile and Roman Chamomile. Both are relatively easy to grow, though most tea that you buy is made from the German Chamomile. The German variety needs to be replanted each year, however Roman Chamomile is a perennial. The jury is still out regarding which type of flower is the most beneficial; however the general consensus seems to be that they are both great to use. If you would like to grow your own, and have it on hand when needed you may want to opt for the Roman variety as that way you will not have to worry about replanting it.

Harvesting the Flowers

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It is very simple to harvest the flowers. All you need to do is clip them off the plant once they are in full bloom. You do not needs to do anything with the flowers, such as dry them, if you do not wish to—the flowers can be used fresh, just as they are snipped off the plant, and you will receive a full benefit from the tea.

Making Chamomile Tea
If you are using fresh flowers, you should use a ratio of one cup of flower heads to a pint of water. If you are using dried flowers, two tablespoons in a cup of boiling water is sufficient. Of course, you can also use a tea infuser to brew a cup of Chamomile tea with as well. All you need do is open up the infuser and place the dried flowers inside, then close it back up again and let it steep in a cup of boiling water.

Benefits of Drinking This Tea
Sedative Properties: Studies have proved that Chamomile does indeed have sedative properties. Therefore it is great to use to help calm nerves and to promote a good night’s sleep. Simply brew up and drink one cup at night before heading off to bed and enjoy the Camomile tea benefits!

When it comes to other benefits Chamomile tea is also useful for anyone who is suffering with any stomach ailments, including an upset stomach or irritable bowel syndrome. It is often mixed with peppermint when being used for medicinal purposes in this way.

Antibacterial Properties: It has also been proved to have good antibacterial, anti-fungal and and anti-viral qualities as well. So, if you have a sore throat, or sores in your mouth you may find using it as a mouthwash is both refreshing, soothing and it will help you to heal faster. You will also find creams made with Chamomile oil. It can also be used externally as a poultice for any skin disorders or infections. However, if making it for external use the tea should be a lot at least three times as strong as if you were making it to drink.

How Much Should You Drink?
It is recommended that adults drink no more than two or three cups of tea a day. Children younger than five should be limited to only half a cup a day, if necessary to calm an upset stomach for example. Those between the ages of five years old and eighteen should limit themselves to one cup of tea per day.

Unlike green tea or wulong tea, or regular black tea, it is possible to overdose with this particular tea, so be careful. If used judiciously and wisely it can provide real health benefits but, just as with regular medication, if used in excess it can cause problems.

Side Effects-Chamomile Tea and Pregnancy, Other Precautions
It also has some known side-effects; again the need for caution when treating yourself with this tea. If you are allergic to daisies, ragweed, asters, chrysanthemums, or marigolds you should not drink the tea as you may have a severe allergic reaction to the tea. As far as drinking camomile tea pregnancy effects, pregnant women, anyone taking blood thinning medication or anyone with a blood related disorder should not drink this tea either. If you take birth control pills, or any other regular medication you will want to confirm with your doctor that it is safe for you to drink Chamomile tea before you go ahead and do so as it can react with quite a few different medications.

Buying The Tea
It is carried by many different health stores as well as tea distributors making it fairly easy to discover the benefits of chamomile tea. If you are no so keen about drinking tea made from the flowers you can also find it available in powdered form in many places. It is relatively easy to buy tea online. It is also very easy to grow your own chamomile—it is said to help your other plants be more healthy and strong too!

You can find it as loose tea or in tea bags. I would highly recommend, if you intend purchasing some, to look for the organic variety as you can be sure that it is free of pesticides and other dangerous substances. Here are some of my favorite teas, including the Choice Organic Chamomile Herb Tea, 16-Count Box (Pack of 6) and the Octavia Tea Calming Chamomile (Organic, Caffeine-Free Herbal Tea), Loose Tea, 0.92-Ounce Tins (Pack of 2). If you use K-cups, you can also find Bigelow Cozy Chamomile Herbal Tea, 12-Count K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 3). As you see, there is something for everyone!

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Choice Organic Chamomile Herb Tea, 16-Count Box (Pack of 6)
Octavia Tea Calming Chamomile (Organic, Caffeine-Free Herbal Tea), Loose Tea, 0.92-Ounce Tins (Pack of 2)

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  1. Maryanne Caldwell says:

    The German chamomile is more widespread throughout Europe and was therefore the plant of choice for most herbalists with the exception of a few regions including England Scotland and Wales where the Roman variety was easier to obtain. These days herbalist uses both variants for but the German chamomile is considered somewhat more potent than its Roman counterpart…You can use fresh or dried chamomile depending on your personal preferrences and local availability dried is easier to find in most areas.

  2. John says:

    Very good read, I am a giant fan of chamomile tea. I think my favorite thing about it is it’s almost subtle pineapple like taste. Also I love learning about the benefits of all types of tea. Interesting fact, some parents actually use small ammounts of luke warm chamomile tea to help babies with colic. If you are interested have a peek here for the full artilce on it, very interesting stuff!

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