What is Green Tea Latte

For most of us, starting our morning without a cup of coffee or tea seems next to impossible. Some other people prefer other variants such as cappuccino and latte, which are equally quite popular. Latte is basically an Italy based beverage and is also referred to as cafe latte and is quite popular in a number of countries worldwide. The original latte is made using milk and coffee, and is available both hot and cold for consumption. In order to add more flavor to the drink, a few other ingredients are also added. Green Tea latte has also become a popular option for many individuals these days and can be consumed at any time of the day, and has no side effects. Green Tea latte helps you relax together with being quite beneficial for your health and for your body. It has been proved through research that green tea has a number of health benefits and helps to cleanse your body of toxins and stimulate your metabolic system due its antioxidant properties. It has been widely used in Asia since ancient times, and is now being used as a primary ingredient in various food products including cookies, puddings, cakes, smoothies and now gaining popularity in making lattes. There are various green tea latte recipes available, and you can always add more flavor to your cup of tea by adding the juice of your favourite fruit or honey as you like. Here is a great green tea latte recipe which you will really enjoy drinking.

Green Tea Latte
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For ingredients, you need four cups of cold water, 2 tea bags of Chai, 3 tea bags of green tea, 1 cup of chilled milk and four tablespoons of either honey or brown sugar. To make the green tea latte, you will need to boil the water first and then add both the tea bags of green tea and Chai. Let it seep for the next three to five minutes and after that remove the bags and throw them away. Then pour milk into a blender and blend it till it become frothy. After this, pour the boiling tea into each cup and mix 1 tablespoon of either honey or brown sugar. After you have mixed, add the frothy milk. To make your green tea latte look more delectable, you can sprinkle green tea powder or cinnamon powder on the surface.

In order to ensure that the green tea you have brewed does not lose its health benefits and at the same time retain its flavor, it is recommended that you use one tea bag for every cup of water that you boil to make the tea. Always use cold and filtered water to make tea, and boil it gradually. The moment your water starts boiling, remove the pan you are boiling it from the source of heat and leave for the next few minutes. After this, put the tea bag for the next 3 minutes so that it seeps adequately. This is a great way to retain the flavor of your green tea and at the same time ensuring that it remains beneficial for your health.

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