Green Tea with Ginseng

Green Tea is considered to be amongst the most complex herbs which is manufactured in the medicine producing industry. Green tea is used widely in various health products these days and is also consumed as an excellent source of antioxidants and in weight loss programs. You can purchase a variety of green tea products from most health shops where it is available in the bottled version as well as tea leaves that can be easily brewed at home, together with in the form of tablets. All these versions definitely will help you lose weight. Green tea is quite beneficial for human health, and helps to stimulate your metabolic system, which in turn catalyses the fat burning process in your body. Green tea also helps to slow down the ageing process in your body since it helps in the regeneration of new cells and kills free radicals that are generally harmful to your body. When you start losing weight, more fats get burned in your body which are converted into energy, and you are able to lead a much healthier life as compared to the past. While the consumption of green tea can have several positive effects on your body, but if you continue leading an unhealthy life, then you will be killing all chances of green tea turning beneficial for you altogether. This is why it is recommended that you undertake a healthy diet and indulge in physical activity when consuming green tea to optimize its effects on your health and body.

Green Tea with Ginseng
Photo By: Gary Soup

You can consume green tea at any time of the day and in the form of a beverage, and if you want to take the most advantage of its effects, then it is recommended that you consume it right before you go to sleep at night. While the entire idea of drinking tea at night before you sleep might sound kind of weird, and it might scare you since it might cause bowls and certain strange effects on your stomach in the initial phase of consumption, but at the same time, this feeling would only occur during the first few days only. You will start experiencing the health benefits of green tea soon after, and your body’s metabolic rate would be enhanced and you will burning much more calories than ever before. Moreover, your body will be cleansing more toxins, so you will be feeling much healthier and fresher whenever you wake up in the morning. Ginseng root extracts have been mixed with green tea since ancient times in China and Tibet, and the combination of both herbs has been proven to have been very effective. Ginseng as a herb has been used for thousands of years and contains several vitamins and minerals which helps to enhance the detoxification process in your body.

Therefore consuming both Ginseng and Green Tea together can have a powerful effect on the health of your body, since both herbs will enhance the detoxification process in your body and help to further stimulate your metabolic system. Moreover, both ingredients have no harmful side effects, so you can consume them without any worry.

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