Green Tea During Pregnancy?

There has been a lot of debate regarding whether it is safe for pregnant women to consume green tea altogether, and most people usually have the belief that if a pregnant woman drinks green tea anytime during the period, the process of production of folates inside her body would be interrupted. Therefore, if a woman who drinks green tea during her pregnancy in higher amounts, her body will lack the ability to absorb and utilize the folates that she consumes as part of her diet. However, this fact is completely untrue, and studies and clinical researches have proven otherwise.

The researches conducted produced results in favour of green tea, and that it does not pose any harm to a woman if she drinks it during pregnancy, if it is consumed in a limited quantity. The reason it should be consumed in a limited quantity is that it would be easy for your body to digest the tea if it is taken in the prescribed quantity. The only major risk that green tea might pose during pregnancy is that it does contain a certain amount of caffeine in it, and this is why doctors advise pregnant women to limit their consumption of green tea during the entire period. However, doctors never recommend to limit or completely stop the intake of green tea during the period since it does no harm of any kind.

Morning Green Tea

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It is always recommended that during the pregnancy phase, a woman should do everything to take care of her diet, not only for the health of the baby but also for her own well being. Caffeine does have certain side effects, and this is why it is recommended that you limit your consumption of products containing caffeine and that includes green tea.

As a first step, you should contact your gynaecologist at the first opportunity since he will be in a better position to give the best advise to you. Moreover, ask him whether you would need any supplements to maintain your health during pregnancy. Furthermore, ask him whether you would need to impose certain restrictions or limitations on your diet while you take the medications and supplements that he has prescribed. Also, ask him if it would be okay for you to consume food kinds which are composed of herbal ingredients, and to what limit are you allowed to consume such a product.

Food types which are composed of herbal ingredients also include green tea. Green tea would always turn out as the idea solution and is a great alternative to coffee and tea during pregnancy. Green tea contains minimal caffeine, so it is a much healthier option especially for pregnant women. It is a great source of antioxidants, which are quite beneficial for your health. The presence of antioxidants catalyses the digestion of iron and calcium by your body, both elements being very important during your pregnancy. Therefore, green tea because of its properties can be very beneficial if you consume it in the right quantity.

Therefore, you can safely consume green tea brewed at your own home without any risks to your pregnancy. However it is recommended that you do consult your physician for more details.

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