Health Benefits Plus Weight Loss Green Tea

Many of us are now aware of the health benefits of green tea; the health promoting properties of this beverage have been making headline news consistently for the past 5 years. Drinking green tea really does help to ward of cancers and heart disease, but the benefit that really catches people’s attention is green tea and weight loss.

Green Tea and Weight Loss
There are now many studies that show that drinking green tea genuinely does help with weight loss because it contain antioxidants called polyphenols that dissolve fat in the blood before it gets a chance to deposit on our bodies. These polyphenol antioxidants also increase our metabolic rate so that we burn up extra calories each day. However, these weight loss effects are very slow if consuming green tea is not combined with a moderate exercise plan and/or sensible eating plan, but it still works. Combined with healthy eating and exercise, the weight loss benefits of green tea are increased. So it is important to note when discussing green tea weight loss that drinking green tea is not a miracle weight loss cure, but it really is a useful aid.

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One study In Japan that was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 1999, found that volunteers who were put on an exercise plan that included 3 x 30 minutes of cardio sessions each week (for 12 weeks) and given 690mg of green tea antioxidants daily lost considerably more weight (especially belly fat) than those who just did the exercise! Another related study found that drinking green tea helped increase the amount of time people could exercise for before fatiguing, therefore helping them to burn more calories while working out. Researchers believe that the metabolism boosting effects are what increases this exercise endurance.

Green Tea and Appetite
Another key green tea and weight loss benefit is a result of this beverages effect upon our appetite. It contains plant chemicals that inhibit some of our carbohydrate digestive enzymes, therefore slowing the rate at which we digest carbohydrates (especially complex carbohydrates). This helps us feel fuller for longer and it also helps to keep our blood sugar levels stable. Stable blood sugar keeps the brain working properly which helps us maintain our focus, concentration and will power during our weight loss efforts. If blood sugar levels spike and dip it affects our brain chemistry and signals to the body that it needs to eat more sugar to deal with the blood sugar level dips! To me and you that translates as a hunger pang that looks for sugary snacks!

If you are looking at different weight loss teas and trying to decide if one weight loss tea is better than another, you may want to first of all consider green tea plus exercise and a healthy diet. The green tea health benefits alone are tremendous but of all the green tea benefits weight loss seems to be one of the most desired plus there are very few calories in a cup of tea made from green tea leaves.

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