How Many Calories In A Cup Of Tea?

Have you ever asked yourself, “How many calories in a cup of tea?” If you are a regular tea drinker and you have been trying to lose weight at any time, it is probable that you have wondered about the calorie count in tea–especially after hearing that some teas; notably green tea and wulong tea can actually aid in weight loss.

The good news is that tea without added sugar, milk or cream is considered to have zero calories. So, if you are really trying to lose weight and you are counting every calorie you may want to skip adding anything to your tea.

The more sugar, milk or cream added to your cup of tea, the higher the calorie count goes. While adding a little milk and sugar to a cup of black tea may not seem to add on very many calories you do have to consider how many cups of tea you drink each day. For example, my parents routinely drank two cups of tea with breakfast, two for morning tea, two with their lunch, two with their afternoon tea, two after dinner and two cups before bed–for a total of twelve cups of tea a day providing guests did not drop by. (If they did, they would routinely be sat down for a “cuppa or two”.)

Worst case scenario: Full cream milk and two teaspoons of sugar goes in each cup of tea. You are looking at around 70 to 80 calories per cup of tea. Twelve cups of tea at 80 calories per cup adds up to around 960 calories per day! If you are trying to lose weight that really is 960 calories that you can probably do without.

Of course, cutting back on the amount of sugar or using stevia or some other sugar substitute instead will cut back on the amount of calories used. Using reduced fat instead of whole cream milk does not make that much difference considering the amount most people use in their tea. Using non-dairy creamers in your tea will add almost as many calories per teaspoon as sugar! So, don’t think switching from milk to creamer is going to help reduce calories in your tea–it won’t.

If you want to cut back on the amount of calories per cup of tea consider omitting sugar from your tea. The little milk you add will not cause you to gain weight, but the sugar might. Best of all you may want to simply stick to tea without any sugar, milk or cream.

Photo By: Arnold Gatilao

If you want to benefit from the additional, and proven, weight loss properties of some types of tea you may even want to switch to drinking wulong or green tea. People who have traditionally drank black tea all their lives are sometimes hesitant about switching to Chinese teas, in spite of their health benefits. If you are thinking about switching and trying Chinese teas I would suggest you opt for wulong (or oolong) tea. It does not taste quite as strong as many of the green teas you can buy. For a delicious tasting oolong that really does almost taste similar to black tea with milk (at least as far as Asian teas go) you may want to look for one called “Milk Oolong” or “Milky Oolong”. It is available from many shops that sell oolong teas and it really is quite delicious–a great tea to transition onto if you’re thinking about trying some different types of teas and you want to buy tea that is healthy and yet a little different.

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  1. Chamomile Tea Benefits says:

    This is a very good point. I haven’t really thought about it much myself as I drink my without and milk or sugar. The odd time I may put a little lemon zest or honey in, but it’s definitely something to think on. Great post!

  2. Tammy says:

    Definitely informative. I love evaporated milk and sugar with my tea (green). I have at least two cups. One in the morning, the other at night. I recently discovered its loaded with calories,even though its low fat evap milk. Plus, I am really trying to lose some weight. So bye bye, milk and sugar. Hopefully. However, I am gonna try some new teas. Good info!

  3. TJ says:

    Love Tetley tea with milk and No sugar. Hope there is not too many calories in it

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