The Benefits of Iced Tea

Iced tea is a great afternoon cooler, during hot weather it is nice to just be able to sit down and drink ice-cold tea to quench the thirst and keep the heat at bay. Many people enjoy making their own tea while some would rather buy powder formulas, liquid concentrates, and tea bags. These different kinds of teas can be made or mixed and then popped into the refrigerator overnight or served with ice to make it ice cold and perfect for the hot weather.

Drinking iced tea has many different benefits especially if you prepare and brew fresh ingredients yourself. It is rich in anti-oxidants such as Vitamins E and C, which are necessary nutrients that our body needs. Vitamin E, for example prevents the damages done by free radicals in our cells. Specifically, they prevent premature aging of the cells which may result in many different age related macular degeneration like cataract and they even prevent serious health diseases like heart disease and cancer. Vitamin C, on the other hand is known to increase our immune system. It fights off many bacteria and viruses that cause common colds and many others. They are also known to prevent hypertension and battle different kinds of infections.

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Iced tea also contains amino acids. They are the building blocks of protein and are very critical in the bio structuring of the body. Protein makes up the muscles, ligaments, tendons, organs, glands, nails, hair, many body fluids, and even our bones. However, they cannot be readily absorbed by the body. Instead, they have to be processed and broken down into amino acids in order for our body to take in.

Iced tea may be used as a slimming agent too. This is because drinking iced tea, especially lemon iced tea, burns calories in the body so many people drink iced tea instead of lemon juice when they want to shed some weight to become thinner.  It is certainly a healthier alternative than other popular flavored drinks such as sodas, and can be sugar free if you choose to drink unsweetened iced tea.

While there are many benefits to be had in drinking brewed tea, many people are arguing about whether the same can be had in pre-processed tea like the bottled tea, tea bags, and tea concentrates that are sold in grocery stores and other markets. There are many studies conducted to find out whether these types of easy to make and convenient teas have the same health benefits, and while the results show that there are more antioxidants and amino acids in brewed teas with fresh ingredients, surprisingly, the pre-processed teas are able to retain the same nutrients too albeit in smaller amounts.

Tea – whether in the iced form favored in hot climates, or served more traditionally as a hot drink – has a lot of benefits for your body. Whatever your flavor or brand preferences, adding plentiful servings of iced tea to your dietary fluid intake is a great way to keep hydrated while improving your health.

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