Tea is a High Living Delight

Perhaps tea was always destined to be today’s perfect way of coping with the current high cost of living. As a beverage, tea has so much going for it.

  • It’s economical. At a cost of mere pennies a cup, what a splendid alternative to those more expensive packaged and manufactured drinks.
  • It’s convenient. No need to lug huge jugs or cartons home from the store. Tea tins, packs, and canisters are small and convenient to purchase.
  • It’s flexible. This little taste of heaven can be consumed warm, cold, or at room temperature according to your preferences.
  • It’s tasty. If you favor it sweet, use your preferred honey, sugar, or artificial sweetener. Want a little tartness? Add a slice of aromatic lemon.
  • It’s subtle. Each variety of tea has its own unique quiet charm. Getting to know the many flavors of tea is one of life’s most exciting armchair adventures.
  • It is responsive to your preferences. Tea allows you to make it weak or strong, steeped or boiled. Whether you like it light straw amber color or prefer it as dark as molasses, it’s just a matter of how much time you leave the tea bag infusing and being hydrated in water.

    Photo By: Chris Makarsky

  • It’s friendly. When your neighbor from downstairs pops in, offering her a cup of tea shows hospitality. We appreciate tea as the perfect conversation beverage to accompany little chats about all matters great and small.
  • It’s genteel. Teapots are items of beauty and aesthetic wonder. Having a classic afternoon tea time break during the day allows us focus on the lost art of etiquette and the beauty of the serving pieces and cups. Even casual tea mugs gain special stature in our hearts because only they are the ones chosen to hold this favorite beverage.
  • It’s liquid joy. A simple pleasure.
  • It’s romantic. With a cup of tea in hand, all is right in the universe. We are able to see the gentle glory of life. One is not often in a negative mood drinking tea.
  • It’s a royal moment. Back in the day, tea merchants like the Dutch East India Company, imported tea only for kings and queens, for the wealthy and the famous. Now it is accessible for enjoyment by all who purchase it, and still retains noble character and special uniqueness.

Enjoying one or more tea moments each day is the way to relax and appreciate the world around you. Whether you opt for Darjeeling or yorkshire gold tea, or any other favorites remember to relax and savor the moment!

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